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St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch said that the recent leaks in the Darren Wilson investigation are not coming from members of the grand jury earlier today. McCulloch also said “whoever is releasing this information is doing a great disservice to the grand jury process.”

From KMOV News 4:

Several weeks ago, a tweet claimed the author talked to a friend who was serving on the grand jury about the case. McCulloch said that never happened, and that Twitter account had been hacked. McCulloch added that the owner of that Twitter account had no connection to any grand jury member.

Recent reports by the New York Times and St. Louis Post Dispatch, which disclosed information pertinent to the case, also did not come from inside the grand jury, McCulloch said. The New York Times stated their information came from an official in Washington D.C. and the Post Dispatch stated the grand jury was not their source, according to McCulloch.

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