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A rapper’s weed carrier is usually the lowest man within the entourage’s totem pole. However, given the right circumstances, it can be a life of ghetto luxury.

Waka Flocka Flame is apparently serious about the craftmanship of his blunts and he’s willing to dish out a hefty salary for someone who can do it right. Since the Brick Squad general is prepping a new EDM album that will surely keep him on the road, he needs the essential fuel to keep him focused.

“I’m paying 50K for blunt roller…,” he posted onto his Instagram account. “Hashtag: #ICanRoll.”


Waka’s jolted interest in hiring a new cannibus companion came a few directly after he was duped by a parody website that claimed Georgia had legalized marijuana for recreational usage. The Georgia Care Project–an organiziation for the proper education and reform for the drug–had to issue out a statement after their traffic spiked from people desperate to get further confirmation of the news.

At any rate, Waka has the funds to make one lucky fan’s dreams come through.

Article: Trent Clark

Photo: Instagram/Waka Flocka Flame

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