C MURDER THINKS HIS BROTHER MASTER P IS TRYING TO KEEP HIM IN JAIL (thumbnail)rappers-that-went-to-college-master-p1


No Limit Forever– guess not!!  If you were a No Limit fan from the 90s and early 2K’s then there is a good chance this may come as a surprise. C-Murder, 1/3 of the classic N.O.  rap group Tru, has been unsuccessfully battling the courts to regain his freedom for a number of years.  Despite the highly publicized support of his brother, rap mogul Master P, help to fight the case, at some point, bad blood started to simmer in, leading to a recently released DISS track from C-Murder aimed directly his Percy Miller aka the Ice Cream Man- better known as his BROTHER!!  The song is called “All I Wanted To Be Was  A Soldier.”

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