Just 10 days after the Ferguson police officer, Darren Wilson,  involved shooting resulting in the death of Michael Brown – in North St. Louis City a 23 year-old man was shot by St. Louis Metropolitan Police Officers around 12:30pm.

According to Chief Sam Dotson, in the 8700 block of Riverview Drive at McLaren Avenue, the suspect stole two energy drinks at Six Stars Market – after walking out, we went back for a pastry – was followed by the store owner outside and met the police that were dispatched to the area.

Dotson reports the suspect told the officers to “shoot me now, kill me now” while holding a knife in an overheated grip. Officers demanded the suspect drop the knife – suspect refused and resulted to being pronounced dead at the scene upon Dotson’s arrival.

Lastly, when Dotson was asked about the validity of the shooting – he responds officers “have a right to defend yourself’.

My question I have for you – by the time this story broke news – the crime scene was blocked with orange barricades and the suspect’s body was transported to the morgue all within an hour – why is is that Ferguson didn’t follow as fast protocols as the St. Louis City Metropolitan Department?

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