Apparently there is a protest movement called L’s Up, I’v been so focussed on my own business, promotion and career I’m just seeing these postings by OX Young Pimpin. I have been hearing good things about Yack Boy Fresh from all the right people, he’s definitely been on his grizzle. Keep pushing all you Indie Artist, I don’t look at you as Local if you grinding across the country, unless you label yourself local. In all my years of breaking new artists from St. Louis, it’s always been about building a regional or national promotion around a St. Louis market promotion. Spend your time about building your own grassroots promotion reaching outside your local market, home will support if you have PROPER PROMOTION and that STAR appeal. Radio needs to play the hits because there are so many other outlets to listen to music, WE MUST PUT ON THE BEST PRODUCT POSSIBLE. My team at Hot 104.1 is professional and one of the best in the business. I’m proud to be a part of a multi-million dollar corporation putting on the best product possible for our listeners and clients. Remember this is the MUSIC BUSINESS not charity, build your BRAND and use your proven local sources that have built relationships and get results. Good Luck and Go! I DO LIKE THIS VIDEO #WATCH

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