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The Harris’ caused their own little online fire over the last day with the release of a couple of songs that have people thinking they really did have some real relationship issues and now they are putting it in the music to make some coins.

First let me run down a pseudo time line of “drama” the couple has been involved in over the last several months. They weren’t seen with each other for months following the Grammy Awards in March until recently when they showed up together on a trip to Belize. Both parties said they fell out over something minor but the rumor mill had T.I. moved out of the family home and in with some random ATL chick who he allegedly had impregnated. Bloggers claimed to have confirmation of the story but Tiny flat out denied it at all.

Tiny then added fuel to the fire by showing up everywhere without her hubby or her wedding ring on her right hand claiming she injured her finger and couldn’t wear it the traditional way. Things got so crazy her mother in law took to her instagram page to encourage her to “talk to her husband” but the distance continued.

During this time, promotion for T.I. and Tiny The Family Hustle had started for the new season on VH1 only to find that T.I. and Tiny were no where near each other during the promotion of the season or while shooting the episodes. I can’t recall one episode that focused on them as a couple.

Then of course the turning point came the weekend of May 5th…that’s when Mayweather last fought and Tiny and her bestie Shekinah were running around Vegas kicking it…all up in Floyd’s mama house and making her hubby see red over what he considered to be disrespectful on so many levels. Things blew up, T.I. confronted Mayweather some weeks later. They scuffled, T.I. did a video claiming he wasn’t hit in the eye (after reports said he caught one) and Mayweather said he didn’t sleep with Tiny, then he said he did, and then he said he didn’t.

After typing out all of this out it is so petty and I can’t believe I’m talking about 2 grown, almost 40 year olds with MONEY but then again I can.

Now T.I. AND Tiny have released music talking about their issues and I just wanna know if you are here for it?

T.I. “Stay”

Tiny “What You Gon Do”

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