Uh oh here we go again, just when you thought Chris was keeping a low profile and focusing on being positive and not letting his anger get the best of him this happens. According to TMZ, Brown has been arrested along with his bodyguard after an incident in Washington DC. Allegedly Brown was leaving a DC nightclub after hosting a party and was approached by two female fans for a picture, while he was taking the picture two young men tried to get in the picture(photo bomb I guess) and Chris said some derogatory remarks to them and punch one of the guys in the face. The victim has sought medical treatment for a broken nose telling TMZ he will have to have surgery tomorrow. As of now Chris and his bodyguard are sitting in a DC jail and will remain there until Monday because under DC law he can’t get bail until he appears before a magistrate. This morning his on again off again girlfriend Karrueche Tran(who was hosting the party with him before the incident happened) tweeted:

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I hate waking up to bad news

what is wrong with some of y’all? Did y’all parents not love y’all enough? Y’all gotta quit w this negative sh** 24 fu**ing 7.

Story developing…

UPDATE: Chris felony assault charged has been reduced to misdemeanor assault.

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