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J. Cole’s apology via his blog:

Recently there’s been a trend that includes rappers saying something

offensive, only to be attacked for it in the media and pressured to

apologize. I have to be completely honest and say there’s a part of me

that resents that. I view rap similar to how I view comedy. It’s going

to ruffle feathers at times. It’s going to go “too far”. I do not

believe that an apology is needed every time someone is offended,

especially when that apology is really only for the sake of saving an

endorsement or cleaning up bad press.

With that said, this is not the case today. This letter is sincere.

This apology IS necessary.

In a recent verse on the song “Jodeci Freestyle”, I said something

highly offensive to people with Autism. Last week, when I first saw a

comment from someone outraged about the lyric, I realized right away

that what I said was wrong. I was instantly embarrassed that I would

be ignorant enough say something so hurtful. What makes the crime

worse is that I should have known better.

To the entire Autism community who expressed outrage, I’m moved and

inspired by your passion, and I’m amazed at how strong you are as a

unit. I have now read stories online from parents about their

struggles and triumphs with raising an Autistic child and I admire how

incredibly strong you have to be to do so. It’s touching. It also

makes what I said even more embarrassing for me. I feel real shame.

You have every right to be angry.

To anyone suffering from Autism, either mildly or severely, I am

sorry. I’m bound to make mistakes in my life, but in my heart I just

want to spread Love.

Drake’s apology via his blog:

J.Cole wrote a beautiful and moving apology to individuals and families affected by autism who were understandably hurt by a verse in “Jodeci Freestyle”. I share responsibility and offer my sincerest apologies for the pain this has caused. Individuals with autism have brilliant and creative minds, and their gifts should not be disparaged or discounted. This was a learning lesson for both of us, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to try to right this wrong. J. Cole and I believe that it is the right, responsible, and respectful decision to remove the lyric from the song.

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