Controversial rapper DMX agreed to face his demons on Iyanla’s Fix My Life which aired on Saturday. It was a very emotional episode complete with DMX admitting to his drug problems and not willing to change them and him apologizing to his son and failing to comply with his son’s conditions of him becoming clean in order for them to have a relationship. Pretty deep stuff. Check out some of the highlights…

DMX wonders why he would need to give up drugs

Iyanla to DMX: “Do You Want to Live Your Life as a Clean Man?”

Multiplatinum rap artist DMX says that he received the best gift he ever got at age 21 when he and his then-wife Tashera welcomed their first child, Xavier, into the world. Today, DMX and Xavier’s relationship is broken, and DMX discusses why with Iyanla. Then, watch what happens when Iyanla tells DMX the one common concern she has heard from DMX’s family and friends: “All of them have said this one thing to me: ‘I’m waiting for the day I get the call that he’s dead.'”

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Xavier vs. DMX

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