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I’m already plotting how I can keep my Valentine’s Day plans and watch “Scandal” at the same damn time….Lol Anyhoo Shonda Rhimes the writer of “Scandal” recently shared her advice for single ladies on Valentine’s day. She said:

“Here is what I say to all the ladies who are alone on Valentines Day: please do not ever use these words “ladies who are alone on Valentine’s Day” together in a sentence ever again. Ever. Again.

Valentine’s Day is just a day. It’s just a day of the year like any other. Go. Be happy with the people you love and who love you. See a friend. Read a book. Flirt with a cute boy (or girl). Dance it out. Watch a movie. Have a party. Build a robot. Stop a Zombie Apocalypse. Take over the Earth. Paint your toenails. Eat soup. DO ANYTHING.

BUT DO NOT buy into the idea that a day created by greeting card companies should be more romantic than other day or should make you feel lonelier than any other day. Cause life is awesome. And that (feeling lonely cause of a day) is stupid. And a waste of perfectly good time. And it makes me do things like write ranty tweets. Because FOR REALS? You’re asking me to cheer up women who are alone of Valentine’s Day? You don’t need cheering up. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU. You are perfect and awesome just like you are. You just happen to be listening to someone who says you aren’t. They are idiots. Ignore them.

Because FYI? A lot of great things can happen to you while you are single.

I came up with a show called Grey’s Anatomy while I was single.

Just saying.

Fuck Valentine’s Day. Go do something with your life.”

much love,


Alrighty then Shonda, I have to say I agree with her 100%! My advice would be just to be happy and enjoy the day if your single do something special for yourself make it a day to remember :)


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