Chief Keef- Is It Officially A Wrap?? [POLL]

It’s been rumored for awhile now. A highly promoted album, the co-signs of some of the biggest heavyweights in the game including Kanye West and the G.O.O.D Music Family, and one of the biggest singles of 2012 did not lead to a successful album release for the young rapper–

Then there is the drama surrounding his personal life. From the gang links, to mocking murdered rivals, and one of his road dawgs, Lil Reese allegedly beating up a girl on video, it has not been looking great for him.

On the industry side, he misses his video shoot with 50 Cent and Wiz Khalifa, and cancels his own tour as soon as it starts, for no apparent reason (at least none that were released to the public).

Did we mention the law was steadily coming after him the entire time too? Well they finally got him, as Keef has officially be jailed due to probation violation.

While all of this does not mean an immediate end to his career, with all of the drama and career mishaps that have already occurred for a new artist whose debut album flopped- one must ask the question- will his label maintain their support, or will he be the latest Soulja Boy—or even worse- Rich Boy??

We don’t know…but maybe you do- so tell us below!!

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