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For anyone who questions who God really is, this video might bring some clarity into your life — it’s Morgan Freeman. We might have thought it was funny since he played God in Evan Almighty and Bruce Almighty, but now we know the truth.

And this makes sense, too, because we’ve never seen Morgan Freeman as a young man. He’s been old in everything he’s done. Try and Google “Morgan Freeman young.” You will get zero results. I know, because I’ve tried. [Ed. note: well, actually you can see a few pictures, but we’re not sure we believe they’re real….]

“The only reason why you’re alive is because Morgan Freeman is narrating your life as he does for billions and billions of others each day.” And how many times have you asked yourself if Morgan Freeman wold narrate your life? He’s been doing it the whole time!

Watch the video below. Watch hilarity ensue.

Fun fact: You have to say Morgan Freeman as Morgan Freeman. It’s impossible to shorten when you say it. Try it. It can’t be done!

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