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Prodigy of Mobb Deep is the latest rapper to garner a sneaker deal for Supra. He is set to design a limited edition shoe, called “Infamous X Supra Bandit” as well as a complete line of customized boots. Who knows how well his shoes will do, or even what they will look like, but there a few rappers rappers, past and present, who didn’t quite make the mark with their failed sneaker lines.

Xzibit – DaDa Spinner III

First of all, who gave Xzibit a sneaker deal? Being the host of Pimp My Ride does not mean footwear needs to have spinners too. And these are the Spinner III. Does that mean there were two more of these? I hope the first two came in hoopty and Escalade form.

Master P – “B-Ball” for Converse

Yes, these made us say UGH! Converse gave Master P a shot after he was signed to the Charlotte Hornets, but thankfully for us these sneakers barely made it off the bench.

Nelly – “Derrty One”  for Reebok

We don’t think Nelly realized that “derrty” never caught on, so these sneakers were destined to be a fail from the start.

Soulja Boy for Yums

These yums left a bad taste in our mouth just from the look.

Rick Ross for Pony

We don’t  know what’s worse, Rick Ross once being signed to Slip N’ Slide or having his face all over a shoe. Nothing came from either deal, and the sneaker was never released. Your feet thank you.

Birdman – “The Birdman” for Lugz

Who admitted to wearing these? For every Birdman handrub, a toe lost it’s feeling if someone wore these shoes. Tragic.

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