Aww K. Michelle not again!!! Let me start off by saying I feel like K.Michelle is super super talented but her attitude I think is going limit her in far she will go in this business. Too much drama/attitude seems to surround her. The Love & Hip Hop ATL star has made news most of this year and it always seem to be stem from some sort of beef. K Michelle has beefed with Toya, Rasheeda, Tamar Braxton & Lyfe Jennings. The beef with Jennings is allegedly over K. Michelle feeling she was bigger than Lyfe and didn’t want to perform BEFORE him at a show they were doing together. Anyhoo at a recent concert Michelle decided to pull out her phone an address a person who was at the show and disrespecting her via twitter. Peep the video below:

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Um I have a question how do you pull out yo phone during the middle of a show to confront someone?? I paid my money to see you sing not check twitter.


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