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UPLANDS PARK, MO. (KTVI) – The phone and internet service were interrupted for two days due to financial issues at the Uplands Park Police Department, according to Chief of Police Steve Addington.

“It is embarrassing that we had to have our citizens call other departments for help,” Addington said.

Henry Iwenofu is on the board charged with keeping the department functioning.

“It is basically two board members who are causing the problems because they are not getting their way,” Iwenofu said.

An investigation into missing funds in the village has resulted in a bitter battle between board members, according to Iwenofu.

FOX 2 called one of the board members who Iwenofu said was “causing the problems.”

She did not want to be identified, but said she is not the “problem.”
Either way, Addington said he hopes “politics does not come before the community.”

“This can’t happen again,” he…

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