“My girl a superstar all from a home movie….” is what Kanye West rapped on his new Good Music single “Clique”, well it looks like Kanye West may become a bigger superstar if his home movies are released. Word on the street is someone is shopping around two sex tapes featuring the hip hop star. The first tape is allegedly with a Kim Kardashian(Kanye’s current girlfriend) “lookalike” and the second tape is roughly 40 mins with an ex girlfriend. Sources say Kanye doesn’t want these tapes out and will do anything to keep them a secret. West attorney Lisa M. Buckley, sent out a cease and desist letter to several media outlets and blogs which stated:

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“Be advised that the screen shot, as well as the tape from which the screen shot was taken, were illegally obtained and believed to have been stolen from Mr West’s computer. Your posting, advertising, marketing, displaying and otherwise disseminating the stolen screen shot and/or other materials on the tape constitute actionable violations of Mr West’s rights of privacy and publicity.”

Hmmm do you want to see the Kanye West sex tapes???


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