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Compton rapper Game not be able to save his relationship with Tiffney Cambridge, but he did help a man who had been in a serious bicycle accident earlier this week.

According to multiple reports, Game was leaving a recording studio early Wednesday morning and noticed a man lying on the ground with a bike on top of him. The “My Life” rhymer parked his car to check on the guy. Game found the man lying face down and unresponsive to any of his inquiries if he was doing okay. Game swung into action and called 911. Game sat with the injured bicyclist until an emergency medical team arrived and transported to a local Los Angeles hospital.

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Police confirmed the first call they received about the crash was from the rapper. The injured bike rider is stable and slowly recovering from his injuries.

When asked why he chose to pull over and help the bicyclist, Game responded, “I couldn’t just keep driving seeing a man in pain with his head on the ground. If that was me in that situation, I’d want someone to do the same thing.”



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