This week when Love and Hip Hop Atlanta premiered the main question everyone were asking was “Who was the abusive ex-boyfriend”?? Singer K Michelle mentioned she was abused my her Jive exec ex-boyfriend and that he basically stole her signing bonus worth about $2 million. Although K Michelle never said his name people began speculating it was Jive exec/vj/hubby to Lil Wayne’s ex-wife Toya, Memphitz. K Michelle confirmed Memphitz is who she was talking about during an interview with Power 92 TT Torrez. Well Memphitz has responded with an instagram photo and message:

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“As I was installing the Teeth, Titties, & Ass you’re Flaunting, I forgot to tell you about the Growing Nose I threw in Pinocchio. Lol. @kmichelle I made you. -Mr. Gepetto”

K Michelle responded via twitter:


A persons true colors will always show. Never fight a battle that God already won for u. I’m still standing.

A guilty conscious, needs no accuser.

There are some real evil folks out here in these streets,and it’s a COLD world. I hope u got a bubble coat.

I think Memphitz proved to all of us K Michelle is telling the truth…Toya go get yo man!!! What are your thoughts??

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