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It all started when Chris Brown caught word of Meek Mill messing around with Rihanna at the strip club (and maybe a little more than that happened, but who knows). Chris then removed Meek from his upcoming single “Don’t Judge Me.” Meek let the world know how he felt about that via his Twitter account:

LMAO! Breezy didn’t take long to respond:

Well that wasn’t much of a subtweet now was it? Meek let it be known right after Chris tweet who these chicks apparently belong to in his next tweet:

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#Chuuuuuurrrrchhhhh. Rihanna couldn’t stay silent for long:

Even Drake (also a former dating partner of Rih Rih’s) joined in the fun:

Chris immediately responded:

With Drake immediately responding in his West Indian/Jamaican patois:

Breezy ended the night’s subtweet wars with this tweet:

He later deleted the tweet. Only thing I learned in all of this is that Rihanna belongs to the game…in the words of Juicy J “Bands A Make Her Dance” LOL!

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