According to TMZ rapper Rick Ross is unconscious and paramedics are on the scene trying to revive him. Ross was on a plane from FL to Memphis when he lost conscious the plane made an emergency landing where they are still at at the moment. Thoughts and prayers are coming thru twitter from many of his celeb friends. Will keep you posted as more details come in:


UPDATE: Police confirmed Rick Ross was transported to a nearby hospital and a family member tells TMZ that Rick Ross is currently under close supervision and is doing fine.

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Rapper Wale took to his twitter page and said:


I just talked to Ross…he’s 100 pct ok…@tmz #dontpanic #dontpanic #mmg !!!! #gfid dec 13th!

His DJ tweeted:


I’m wit @rickyrozay now he good…


Rick Ross suffered another seizure yesterday while on a private plane headed to Memphis. The plane made an emergency landing in Alabama where Ross was taken to a hospital and is now listed in stable condition. Ross was determined to make his Memphis show even tweeting after leaving the hospital in florida (after the 1st seizure ) “#Memphis… I come”. I’m wishing Rozay a speedy recovery.

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