In today’s HOT INFO:

Rapper Ti is FINALLY a free man no seriously he is he walked out of an Atlanta halfway house early this morning he’d been there about 2 weeks after being released from a 10 month stint in prison. Ti is gearing up for a HOT weekend including a party at an Atlanta nightclub tomorrow and his ultra exclusive brunch this Sunday. Glad Ti is home lets hope it for good :)

NBA player Ben Wallace was arrested yesterday on suspicion of drunk driving and carrying a concealed weapon. He spent a few hours in an jail and then posted his $5000 bond to be released. I showl be glad when the lockout is over because it seems like some of these players don’t know what to do with all this free time.

Rumors are circulating all through Hollywood that Actors Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher are about to call it quits apparently Ashton can’t keep it in his pants. There was a rumor last year about him smashing some blonde in THEIR HOUSE to which Ashton denied but sources are saying Demi is getting tired of the whispers. Hmmmm I like them together wishing them the best :) Do you think the 15yr age difference could be causing the problem??


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