In todays HOT INFO:

Today is the 2nd day of trial for Dr. Conrad Murray he is accused of killing Michael Jackson with a lethal dose/combination of drugs on the day and days leading up to his death. Dr. Conrad’s defense claims Michael Jackson commited suicide. Katherine, Janet, Randy & Jermaine Jackson were all in the courtroom today. You can catch a live stream on our website during the day So what do you think did Michael kill himself or is Dr. Conrad Murray to blame??

JCole finally speaks well kinda sorta on whether him and Rihanna has a sex tape or not. This is what he said:

“Gossip is foreign to me. By nature, I don’t like gossip. I never was on the gossip sites. Now being on the other side, it’s annoying. A lot of people don’t know the difference between gossip and reality. They may think that you have a sex tape with Rihanna, or [that] you’re having sex with Solange because of what someone made up. But I guess it’s just something that comes with the territory.”

To me he didnt confirm or deny so what do you think? Did him and Rihanna hookup??

Here we go again when one rapper gets out of jail another goes in. Rapper Petey Pablo has been sentenced to 35 months in jail after he pleaded guilty to “possessing a stolen firearm”. Really Petey well all I can say is keep yo head up see you in 3 years!!! Whats up with these rappers and jail do you think they think its cool and gives them cred??


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