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On Basketball Wives Jackie Christie brags about how she remarries her husband former NBA player Doug Christie every year. “If your always planning a marriage you don’t have time to plan a divorce” her words well while she is thinking everything is gravy her oldest daughter (not by Doug) Ta’kari Lee 921) has come out and blogged some mean things about her mother. Here is part of what she had to say:

“The Scene About My Grandma and Her Cancer..SmH.. I am Not Doubting That She Was Sad About My Grandmas Condition…But I Wonder If Tanya Talking About Cherishing The Memories U Have With The People U Love Hit A nerve For Her… She Knows Like My Grandma And I Know – My Grandma Was Always Being Disrespected and Treated Badly… And The Same Way I compare My Relationship With My Mom Like Being In A Violent Relationship – Although My Mom Was NOT Physically Abusive… She Was Very Mentally and Verbally Abusive – Not Just To Us Kids But My Grandma As Well… She Would Lash Out At Us And Make Us Feel So Low Then Try To Correct It With Other Things..Like An Abusive Husband Beating Your Ass And Then Buying U Flowers Or Gifts….

No word from Jackie on her daughters comment. I do want to know why her daughter isnt mentioned on the show. She wasnt at the wedding was she?? Its looks like Jackie may want to do do some re-raising of the kids instead of re-marry Doug everyear. Not taking her daughters side because none of us know the truth but I do believe there is an issue between mother and daughter that needs to be worked out. Also I didnt know Jackie’s mom lost her battle with cancer recently RIP


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