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14 years ago we lost one of the biggest stars in Hip Hop the Notorious Big, Biggie Smalls, Christopher Wallace whatever you want to call him we all recognized on March 9, 2007 hip hop was forever changed!  Check out two of my favorite Biggie videos the 1st is “One More Chance” besides Lil Kim “Ladies Night” this is one video set I would have liked to be on its looks like a big ole partayyyyyyyy  peep Total, Queen Latifiah, Faith, Changing Faces, Heavy D, Patra(remember her….lol) Zhane, Luke and more make cameos!!!! The 2nd video is “Sky’s The Limit” this was filmed after Biggie’s death I thought the video was sooooo cute with the kids portraying Biggie, Puff, Lil Kim and Faith also lil Busta Rhymes was too cute :) What were your fav Biggie songs or videos????

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