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I learned this slang spending my summers in Detroit. Shout out to 8 Mile & Picadilly. Them Detroit gangstas were Notorious!

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If you are from Detroit and are in your mid-40s or younger, it was probably the first slang phrase you ever learned:

“What Up Doe?!”

If you are from outside of the Land of Mile Roads, you have probably heard the expression somewhere before. Ever wonder where it came from?

“What Up Doe?” is recognized on the website, http://www.UrbanDictionary.com, and defined as “a greeting amongst people in an urban setting. It can be used in several ways; it can express friendship, anger, or be used as a question. It is used extensively in the upper east of the Midwest, especially Detroit.”

A twist on the common “What’s Up?”, “What Up Doe?” became popular in the mid-’80s. Detroit transplant, Jae Barber, manager of rapper elZhi and producer Karriem Riggins, currently resides in Los Angeles traces it back: “’What Up Doe?’ initially was the way that drug dealers greeted each other…

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